Chapter Champion Award

PRSA Georgia's Chapter Champions

This award recognizes PRSA Georgia members who have gone the extra mile in service to the Chapter. The award is presented on a monthly basis, or as appropriate. Eligibility for the award includes all Georgia Chapter members who go above and beyond the call of duty as a Chapter volunteer.

Lisa Bigazzi Tilt is the recipient of the March 2016 Chapter Champion Award for her dedicated volunteer work with PRSA Georgia. She has served as co-chair the Chapter’s Public Relations Committee for the past four years where her initial work included creating the PR plan for the Chapter. She has since worked on executing on those strategies focused on writing and pitching thought leadership articles on behalf of the current Chapter president. She has been a member of the Independent Counselors (IC) SIG since joining PRSA 10 years ago, and has participated in Chapter initiatives including critiquing resumes at Real World and judging other PRSA Chapter awards.

“I didn’t know what I was missing for the first 10 years of my career,” she says. “I joined PRSA Georgia when I started my firm and it opened my eyes to an extended community of wonderfully diverse, smart public relations professionals. How lucky we are to live, work and play in the city with the best darn PRSA chapter in the country.”

Lisa is president of Full Tilt Consulting, a PR and branding consultancy, which she founded in 2006. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Media Communication from Florida State University and started her career in Atlanta radio. She entered the field of public relations at The Headline Group/Edelman Atlanta where she worked for 10 years, then was vice president of Patrick Davis Partners/Davis Brand Capital. Lisa has received more than 20 awards from PRSA, IABC and Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International, including PRSA Georgia’s 2002 “Best of Phoenix.”

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Nomination Process

  • E-mail the following nomination information to Denise Grant at
    • Name of nominee
    • Company and title of nominee
    • E-mail and phone number
    • Reason for nomination
    • Nominator's name and contact information
  • Nomination deadline for each month's Chapter Champion is the Thursday following the current month's luncheon.
  • Award is presented on a monthly basis, or as appropriate, at the monthly luncheon meeting and featured in the following week's e-mail to members.
  • Note that current Chapter leaders are eligible with the caveat that the recognition is not based on activities as designated by their position.