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How to Wow New Colleagues

June. Graduation excitement is in the air and for many of these graduates, the first day of their career is approaching. This is an exciting and, at times, intimidating next step. So, here are a few tips to keep in mind to wow your new colleagues from day one.

Yes, and…

This common rule of thumb for improv acting applies to the real world, too. When starting a new career – or even just a new role – one of the best ways to get up to speed is diving straight in and learning by doing. So, when meeting with your manager or teammates, accept any new tasks or projects and volunteer for ones that sound of interest. Not only will you be exposing yourself to several aspects of the job, but you’ll be showing that you’re great at taking initiative.

There are no dumb questions. 

But there are ones that you can Google. As you’re starting out, asking questions is a great tactic to learn about your company, master the processes your team uses to complete tasks, understand your clients’ thought leadership platform, etc. However, some questions, like setting up your email signature or the name of your clients’ CEO, that you may want to Google first.

Getting in the habit of proactive problem solving early on is a great skill to have. And, of course, if after a quick search you can’t find the solution you need, you should feel confident in asking a colleague. Your team is there to help.

Confidence is key.

Don’t let imposter syndrome take over – you’re in your new role for a reason. As you begin taking on more tasks and responsibilities, it may feel overwhelming, but know that you have the skills needed to get the job done and that you can always ask for extra help when needed. Whether conducting client meetings, presenting new ideas in a brainstorm or offering to take the first cut at an assignment, a little confidence goes a long way.

There have likely been a lot of emotions throughout the weeks leading up to the first day of your career – stress of finishing final exams, excitement of graduation, nostalgia for leaving your home for the past 4-or-so years and maybe even some nerves around starting your job. But above all of these, it’s important to take a moment to recognize your success and be proud of yourself. You did it! And you’re about to start an equally great new chapter.


—Laura Burr, an account specialist at Arketi Group, shares her tips to hit the ground running on an exciting new phase of life.

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