After the Cap Drops: 3 Ways to Accelerate Career Growth Post-College

If you are a recent graduate still searching to find a job in your industry, you are not alone. Many college seniors do not have a job offer when they graduate and it can take anywhere from 6-12 months to get your foot in the door. Instead, many opt for full or part-time employment outside of their field of study in pressure to start earning income. It is normal if your journey doesn’t look exactly the way you envisioned, but you don’t have to put your dreams on hold. Now is the time to create a strategy to make the moments count and fast-track into a career you love.

In this industry, your connections matter. Strengthen and expand your networks virtually and in real life. Move out of your comfort zone and get to know like-minded professionals in your industry with common interests, shared experiences and aligned goals. Joining professional membership organizations like PRSA Georgia is a great place to network, meet new people and cultivate community.

The best leaders practice the principle of serving. Demonstrating servant leadership through empathy, helping others and volunteerism shifts your perspective from self to caring more about the people around you. This not only places you in a position to meet new people, but also develops invaluable leadership skills that help you stand out. Find a social cause or organization to volunteer your time and expertise. PRSA Georgia has many committees that are in need of your support.

Even after graduation, learning never ends. You have to stay on top of new trends and technology, refine skillsets, and master best practices while keeping up with an ever-evolving industry that seems to change overnight. Thankfully, PRSA Georgia offers professional development workshops, conferences and opportunities for mentorship with senior PR pros.

PRSA Georgia is one of the best decisions you can make to cultivate and accelerate your career growth. Take advantage of our special membership rate.

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