Chapter Chat: Kate Keib

Graduating college students entering the workforce are experiencing unprecedented levels of uncertainty and anxiety due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For those recent and soon-to-be graduates, Kate Keib, assistant professor of communication at Oglethorpe University, offers a message of hope. “Believe in yourself and know those who support you are ready to help.” Keib has intimate […]

Impact of COVID-19 and How We Can Support Your Professional Journey

In 2017, PRSA Georgia leaders embarked on a strategic plan that ends this year. By 2020, their expectation was PRSA Georgia would serve a diverse community of professionals, empowering them to excel in effective, ethical and engaging communications on behalf of the organizations they represent and the constituencies they serve. NOT written into our Chapter’s […]

Chapter Chat: Denise Grant, Den Mother

Denise Grant, Chief Operating Officer and “Den Mother” to PRSA Georgia’s 830 members, began her affiliation with the Chapter as many of us do: as a member. In 1983, while she was working in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s public relations department, Denise and husband Jim discovered they were about to be parents of twins. Deciding a […]

Chapter Chat: Kristie Swink Benson, APR

With an impressive resume that includes shaping narratives for DeKalb County, Southern Company Gas and now the High Museum of Art – with plenty of industry accolades and awards along the way – there’s one professional accomplishment for Kristie Swink Benson, APR that rises above. Obtaining her accreditation in public relations. It was hard work […]

Chapter Chat: Morgan Smith-Williams

As Morgan Smith-Williams accelerated through the ranks of Georgia’s state government, she found that having a trusted mentor was key. Participating in PRSA Georgia’s 360 Mentoring Program in 2019, she transitioned from following the boss to being the boss. Since joining PRSA Georgia in 2014, Smith-Williams has sought out the informal advice of many Chapter […]

Communicating During the Coronavirus Outbreak

By John Elsasser with perspectives from PRSA Chair T. Garland Stansell As the number of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) increase across the country, businesses of all sizes face potential disruptions in the weeks ahead. Health officials are still gauging how widespread the virus might become in the United States. (As of March […]