Small Investments Yield Big Returns in the Market for Top Talent
Small Investments Yield Big Returns in the Market for Top Talent
PRSA Georgia’s Career Center Focuses PR Recruiting Efforts

If you’ve already conquered your holiday “to-do” list and are thinking ahead to 2019, PRSA Georgia offers a streamlined service to help you take that next career step or find the right candidate for your growing team.The Chapter’s Career Center provides a fully searchable database of public relations jobs and internships to 800 plus members and hundreds of visitors to the site.Whether it’s a listing on the career center page, special placement on the home page, or an eblast, using PRSA Georgia to promote job openings is a cost-effective way for organizations to find top talent in public relations and communications. Job seekers also benefit {Read one member's story below.} Chapter members can sign up for email alerts any time a new opening is posted. Incorporating the Career Center into their recruitment strategy has helped several members navigate the hiring process. They say promoting open positions through PRSA Georgia is all about tapping into a talent pool focused specifically on PR and communications.

"We have found the most qualified leads through the Career Center. With more general job boards, there is a higher likelihood of unqualified candidates who don’t align with the job description and role. That requires more of my time to sift through those resumes. With PRSA Georgia, I know I’m entering in to a better pool of candidates and getting us in front of professionals who are at the top level of our industry, if nothing else, because of their membership.

The Career Center is also very easy to use. I can post the job description exactly how I want it to read instead of trying to make it fit into a job site’s particular system. We recently hired an excellent manager of client of services who is filling a significant position in our firm, and the Career Center was the only paid site we used. It gets results and saves time in the hiring process, and I know I’m getting in front of the right candidates."

-Lisa Tilt – President, Full Tilt Consulting, Inc.

"Most organizations find that recruiting the best and brightest professionals is one of its greatest business challenges. Our employee recruitment strategy is based on building a pool of highly-qualified applicants to interview during the selection process. In our most recent search for an Assistant Dean for Communications and Marketing, we received nearly 100 applications for the position. We interviewed 6 candidates and 4 of them were PRSA Georgia members. 100% of the final candidates were members of PRSA Georgia. 

We know that professionals who invest in their professional development throughout their careers make the best employees. Communications is a field that is constantly evolving thanks to technology, and I have found that PRSA Georgia is comprised of members who are evolving with the marketplace. They stay on top of the latest trends and best practices and bring those skills back to their organization. By targeting PRSA Georgia members for open positions, employers can be confident that they are reaching communications and marketing professionals who have the specialized skills they need.

The Career Center job postings are also incredibly cost-effective. We see an immediate return-on-investment with our job postings with PRSA Georgia."

-Jasmine Hoffman, MBA, APR – Associate Dean and Chief Operating Officer at Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing at Emory University


Members of PRSA Georgia are already invested in their personal development and understand the value of communications, so I know posting a job to the Career Center will tap into a highly desirable talent pool. Internal recruiters don’t always know what to look for in a communications professional, but I know the caliber of people that will apply because they saw the posting or received an eblast. The site helps to bring quality candidates to the hiring process, and when I see PRSA membership listed on a resume, I always take a closer look at it.

PRSA Georgia is the second largest chapter in the country so it really is critical to have the Career Center as part of your recruiting strategy for PR professionals. It targets the right group of people for the role you’re trying to fill, and the e-blasts are great too because they go directly to members.

Posting is also so easy and simple, which goes a long way to help alleviate some of the stress of finding good candidates.

-Karen Cole – Senior Communications Manager, Georgia-Pacific

Career Center Success Story: Delivering Opportunity to Your Inbox

Jamie Cwalinski is currently Manager, Client Services at Full Tilt Consulting. It’s a role he first learned about through PRSA Georgia’s “Look Who’s Hiring” email series.

How did the PRSA Georgia Career Center fit into your job hunt?
The PRSA Georgia Career Center always has been a go-to source during job searches throughout my career. Even when I was searching for internships, I would always check the PRSA website for specific openings and for companies I wanted to take a closer look at. The email series also makes it quick and convenient to learn about new openings.

What were the advantages of searching for open positions through the Chapter’s Career Center?
Convenience and easy access are the big ones but also depth and relevance of information. Through PRSA Georgia’s communications, I knew I would be looking at roles more relevant to my background and skillset than those on other career sites, which tend to be vague and require deeper digging. The job descriptions in PRSA Georgia’s web postings and emails are thorough, clear and engaging – it’s also fun to see how companies try to position themselves as great places to work!

What was most appealing about using the Career Center during your search?The Career Center coupled with the wider PRSA Georgia network makes the program particularly appealing and effective. Since the job posts primarily come from PRSA members, it makes it easy to directly contact someone to discuss the role, rather than sending your resume into the “black hole.” I personally reached out to my contacts at Full Tilt – who I also met through PRSA – immediately after seeing the “Look Who’s Hiring” email to learn more about what they had in mind, and the rest is history! Even if you don’t personally know anyone at a specific company, chances are you know someone in PRSA who does, or at the very least, have the means to search the member directory for a contact.

What advice would you offer to job seekers using the Career Center?
Check back frequently, because new posts go live every week (if not every day). Members also receive the “Look Who’s Hiring” communications. And use the postings as a springboard to larger conversations. Even if a specific listed role is not a good fit, shoot an email to or talk with team members at a company you’re interested in and say that you saw they were hiring and are interested in learning more. Opening these lines of communications early will help you when something more appropriate does become available.

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