The benefits are mutual when you get involved. PRSA Georgia benefits from countless, hard-working members who devote time and energy to our various committees—and you get the opportunity to collaborate with industry peers as you exchange and share your talent with leading public relations professionals.

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Committees include:


APR: Accreditation in Public Relations. The APR credential certifies your drive, professionalism and principles. The Accreditation Committee manages all chapter activities related to professional accreditation and markets the benefits of earning the designation. The committee helps candidates prepare for the Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations and assembles readiness review panels when candidates come forward to declare intent to sit for review. If you have your APR and would like to volunteer, there are opportunities for you to get involved. As an added bonus, you will receive credits toward APR maintenance for your participation on this important committee.

Annual Conference

The Annual Conference Committee is responsible for planning and executing PRSA Georgia’s conference filled with powerful speakers and breakout learning sessions. If you have a passion for identifying and securing speakers, seeking sponsors or event promotion, the Annual Conference Committee is right for you.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Committee is responsible for serving as an integrated activator and sounding board for the PRSA GA Chapter on issues involving diversity, equity and inclusion topics and discussions. We also ensure that programming includes diverse voices. Additionally, we assist in helping the Chapter achieve full and comprehensive diverse representation across membership, including committee engagement and leadership.

Awards Celebration & Chapter Awards

Are you an event planner at heart? Are you passionate about recognizing those who make an impact to our profession? Our Awards Celebration Committee plans and coordinates the annual awards celebration—securing sponsorships and emcees to program development and venue logistics. In addition, our Chapter Awards Committee plans and coordinates the nominations for our Chapter awards, including Rising Star, Shining Star and Luminary Star Awards, and also partners with the Awards Celebration Committee to recognize award winners.


This committee ensures important Chapter information is assembled, edited and published for each week’s e-newsletter in addition to supporting regular e-blasts for Chapter programming, job openings and other timely updates. Committee responsibilities span content development, asset creation, project management and analytics reporting.

Membership Recruitment and Engagement

Membership, Recruitment and Engagement is a newly formed committee that focuses on the membership pipeline for PRSA Georgia at every stage of a communicator’s career. The committee’s goal is to reinvigorate membership and deepen connections with PRSA Georgia members. All roads lead to the support of bolstering membership and showcasing the unique value PRSA Georgia plays in the professional life of a communicator and trusted counselor.

  • The committee needs detail-oriented, passionate members who want to strengthen the already great PRSA community that exists. The committee specifically needs dedicated members who will be able to assist with outreach and creating a message map that serves as a content guide for other PRSA Georgia committees.
  • Members interested in MRE should be able to dedicate between six to eight hours a month between meetings and assigned tasks. 
  • Activities will ebb and flow depending on data obtained from weekly membership reports. 

Phoenix Awards

The Phoenix Awards is an annual awards competition designed by PRSA Georgia to recognize projects and programs that demonstrate excellence in the public relations profession in Georgia. The Phoenix Awards Committee is responsible for coordinating the awards process and reciprocal judging for another PRSA Chapter.

Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee strives to provide relevant, forward-thinking learning webinars, seminars, and educational workshops for members throughout varied career stages and diverse disciplines. Through the ongoing evolution of our organization and profession, the 2021 Professional Development Committee members will play an integral role in advancing our industry and producing professional growth opportunities that serve our members’ needs.  

  • The goal of the committee is to produce 10-monthly webinars and seminars, plus additional programming through 2021. Currently, all activities are taking place virtually via Zoom.
  • The Professional Development Committee is currently seeking emerging trend scholars with a keen interest in monthly committee meetings to researching the newsmakers and industry leaders. 
  • We’re also looking to facilitate targeted networking and career specialization educational opportunities for professionals focused on Corporate Communications, Healthcare, Hospitality, Nonprofit, Public Affairs, and more sectors. 
  • The expectation is 4-5 hours of committee member availability for the first quarter of 2021 spent planning and meeting over Zoom and independently following up with potential speakers to map out the learning calendar for the year. 
  • On an ongoing basis, there will be 4-5 hours on a bi-monthly basis supporting monthly programming as the speaker Point-Of-Contact and webinar + seminar host.
  • *All subject to change due to the fluidity of our current professional climate mid-pandemic.

Social Media

Are you a social media guru? Are posting, tweeting, pinning, and hashtagging second nature to you? If the answer is yes, the Social Media Committee will benefit from your expertise. This committee is responsible for managing PRSA Georgia’s social media channels throughout the year, particularly during special events, conferences, meetings and seminars.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

PRSA Georgia’s SIGs allow members to network and learn from other public relations professionals within a specific industry segment. Committee members coordinate the SIG Community Group page and regular professional development meetings and networking events. Active SIGs include: Independent Counselors and Young Professionals.

Sponsorships and Partnerships

The Sponsorships and Partnerships Committee manages the many ways that organizations can get involved with PRSA Georgia and raise their visibility through a variety of sponsorship options. Volunteers gain the opportunity to be involved in the many wonderful events put on by PRSA Georgia in a meaningful way, as well as engage in a sales role that is pivotal to the financial success of an organization.


The PRSA Georgia website is the hub of the ChapterThe Website Committee collaborates with Chapter leadership across all functions to ensure the site is maintained ongoing with fresh, relevant and up-to-date content including copy and visuals. Committee responsibilities span content development, asset creation, project management and analytics reporting.