Event Recap: B2B is the Bomb

In September, the Chapter held an in-person panel at Arketi headquarters, featuring five B2B industry communication pros who shared their experiences and why they love their communication careers in B2B, moderated by Arketi Senior Account Executive, Elizabeth Edel.

Problem solving, holistic storytelling, creativity and constant learning were among the top reasons that this group of young B2B communication professionals cited as why they believe B2B is the bomb.

“In B2B there is always opportunity,” offered Jamee Lawson Nelson, External Relations Leader, Sustainability at IBM. And while many may believe that B2B communication couldn’t possibly be as sexy as it’s B2C counterparts, the panel would gladly disagree.

In B2C, communication professionals are usually working with products and services that are widely known and easily understood, like Atlanta’s favorite chicken sandwich, fizzy drinks and airline of choice. 

B2B is different. It’s more complex, there are longer sales cycles and plenty more decision makers involved in the buying process. It makes the communicator’s role especially important as they translate highly technical language to easily digestible content. 

So how do new communication professionals or those making the jump to B2B do just that? 

Here are a few tips from the pros:

  1. Be Curious
    “B2B starts with curiosity. Have an open mind and be ready to learn. Keep up and adapt,” said Devika Goel, Senior Manager, PR & Communications at Manhattan Associates.
  2. Stay Busy
    “In B2B there are always new stories, new conversations and new thought leadership. It’s busy. Busy is good, and busy means business is good,” said Jamee Lawson Nelson.
  3. Build Your Skills
    “You’re often on a smaller team, which means you get a broader span of work. It’s a pressure cooker of experience,” said Justin Grimsley, Principal Program Lead, Emerging Business at Chick-fil-A Corporate Support Center.
  4. Make Connections
    “You have to create that connective tissue. And you have to build that network for yourself. You may not know everyone that you need on your team, so it requires a bit of investigative work,” said Kari Saunders, Public Relations Manager at Cox Communications.
  5. Be Confident
    “No one started out as an expert. Everyone had to learn, so don’t let that scare you and take your time,” said Valerie Miller, Senior Manager of North America Media Relations at Appian.

B2B is an ever-evolving, exciting side of communication careers. Whether you’re new to the scene or a seasoned veteran, these tips from industry pros are a great way to get and stay ahead. 

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By Laura Burr, Account Specialist for Arketi Group