Daniel Groce, APR, Earns Accreditation Designation

The APR Committee is happy to close 2020 with the Accreditation of Daniel Groce, APR, and we could not be more thrilled. Daniel stayed the course and finished the journey. If you’re thinking about pursuing the APR journey, Daniel is an excellent example and someone you should connect with. The APR Committee celebrated Daniel’s accomplishment […]

Courtney James, APR, Earns Accreditation Designation

When it comes to Accreditation, PRSA Georgia takes the process seriously. If you’re thinking about pursuing the APR journey, take it from Courtney James, a newly Accredited professional, that you can start and complete the process, pandemic be damned.  The APR Committee celebrated newly Accredited PRSA member Courtney James, APR, in November with a masked, […]

Chapter Chat: Mikey Mooney

Just like the funniest inside jokes that erupt spontaneously from exchanges with close pals, the most compelling PR ideas in Michael “Mikey” Mooney’s experience are hatched while chatting with colleagues, clients, family and friends. His rise through the ranks at Atlanta’s Poston Communications and upward trajectory with PRSA – locally, regionally and nationally – however, […]

Chapter Chat: Ronna Charles

Ronna Charles grew up surrounded by storytellers. Her great grandfather, maternal and paternal grandfathers, and uncles told amazing stories about driving through the South during the Jim Crow era. About serving in the military in Cold War Germany. And simply surviving the swamps of Florida and Texas as Black men. Each story made her feel […]

Michelle Geiger, APR, Earns Accreditation Designation

The APR Committee celebrated Michelle Geiger, APR, with a “drive by” pinning to acknowledge her wonderful accomplishment. “I chose to pursue my APR as a professional growth opportunity,” said Michelle Geiger, APR. Preparing for the panel presentation and exam helped me enhance my knowledge and strengthen the professional skills I had developed throughout my career. […]

Chapter Chat: John Walker

After finishing up business school and moving to Atlanta to take on his first professional position with one of world’s leading PR agencies, John Walker sought deeper and more meaningful PR learning and classwork. So, he promptly joined PRSA Georgia, diving straight into the Chapter’s membership experience and earning leadership roles, including serving as president. […]